Evexia Collections

Who we are

Ev̱exía collections is a young and vibrant hotel company, which aims to make an impact on global hospitality industry.

Ev̱exía collections fills the gap of an authentic healthy lifestyle brand in the hospitality world.

Ev̱exía collections has reimagined luxury wellness holidays, from choosing its resort locations to designing its wellness facilities and food and beverages offerings.

Ev̱exía collections are built close to nature that takes each one to once self with the balance of mind and body. The name Ev̱exía Collections is inspired by Greek word ευεξία sounds wellness/wellbeing and our collections are hand-picked resorts in breath taking nature friendly destinations in Maldives, India & Sri Lanka, at which we are brewing our beach, mountain and urban collections.

About US

Our Story

Evexia means ‘Wellbeing’ in Greek. After considering the four elements in wellness, which are emotional, physical and spiritual and social that will reach your mind, body and soul, Evexia Collection represents true wellness treat and will offer a service that will remove negative thoughts or unwanted energy into the fire to be purified or transformed into more positive energy. This healing ritual is known to be effective in helping one let go of unwanted aspects in their lives and similarly, bring in and manifest new intentions and new life.