A place where the nature will redefine your Lifestyle


Evexia includes many diverse yet discreet activity options. From land to sea, morning till night, there’s something to suit everyone! You can indulge in activities like:

Witness the mysteries and magic of the underwater, and make an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Surf through the waves with famous spots such as Ying Yang, Bedhuge, Machine, Refugee’s Left and Refugee’s Right,

Big Game Fishing
Embark on a fish expedition deep under water!

Touch Upon Turtles, Mantas, Dolphin in calm and crystal clear waters!

Let the wind guide you through the beauty of the Island. Electric / None Electric bike rides to explore the longest natural island in Maldives.

Art of local cuisine – Glimpse of a local culinary adventure, you’ll come back for the tropical taste!

Kayak (none motorized water sports)
Paddle away in the mid of the azure ocean is a real fun!

Catamaran Sailing
Sail to the horizon and feel the wind in your hair ! Bon Voyage

Sand Bank Trip
 The exquisite scenery of the sandbanks, a bucket list magical spot you must not miss!

Dolphin watching
Keep your eye on splashes ahead to spot the friendly fish!